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Round 06: Themes

remember, sign-ups are open throughout the round so it's not to late to sign-up here :)

1. Icons must be specially made for this challenge.
2. They must be 100% made by you.
3. You must submit all 20 icons in just one post!
4. You have to link me to your LJ or use a cut! Also make sure your entry is PUBLIC!
5. You have to give me 3 examples in your post! No less & no more.
6. The icons must fit the LJ icon standards & no animated icons are allowed.
7. Add this as subject: round 06; (username)
8. Tag it: entries: round6, round6, user:USERNAME HERE
9. Your icons are due December 20th (countdown timer)
10. If you would like a participation banner, please say so in your entry post

1. The Shadows Come to Dance - make a high contrast icon
2. Burning Bright - use light textures/blobs/gradients in your icon
3. Wildfire - go crazy and make a complex icon
4. The Old Way - interpret an old icon trend in a new way (i.e. tiny text, blue exclusion layer, b&w with splash of color, the "I want to laugh I want to cry" texture...just kidding! but you get the idea...)
5. Valar Morghulis - incorporate the phrase "Valar morghulis" into your icon
6. Jousting and Crying - icon a scene that never fails to excite you
7. The Kingsroad - icon character/s traveling
8. One to Bed - icon a character you'd like to shag
9. One to Dread - icon a character you'd like to push out the moon door
10. One to Love - icon a character you'd like to marry
The Seven
pick five of The Seven aspects/faces of the Faith and choose a character to represent them. examples: Ned = Father (judgment), Cat = Mother (nurturing), Drogo = Warrior (strength), Sansa = Maiden (innocence), Gendry = Smith (labor), Tyrion = Crone (wisdom), Mirri Maz Duur = Stranger (death)
for the remaining 5 icons, make whatever you want!


If you have any questions/clarifications/problems or need more examples, just ask!
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