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20in20 challenge community for HBO's Game of Thrones

Valar Morghulis!
1. You must be a member of the community and have signed up for the round to participate.
2. Icon entries must be created specifically for the challenge.
3. Icons must fit Livejournal standards: 100x100 pixels, .jpg or .png format, and must be under 40kb. Animation is not allowed unless stated as a theme
4.Icon posts in personal or graphic community journals must remain public until the end of the round.
5.When submitting an entry, please include a maximum of 3 teaser icons and place the rest behind a cut or fake cut/link to your journal.
6.Entries must have the subject title: Round #; username
7. Tag your posts: entries: round1, round1, user: USERNAME HERE
8.On the event that you don't complete a round for whatever reasons, you may not sign-up for the next round but can enter the round after that
9.Please do not tell your friends to vote for you.
10.Feedback is love. Please try to comment on each other's posts

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